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Norie Furusawa

About Norie

Hi, my name is Norie (She/Her), thanks for popping by to my website and take time to read about me. I am from Japan, I grew up in busy, hustle-and-bustle city, Tokyo.
I always enjoyed visiting local Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples for some peace and quiet moment. Although Tokyo is a very busy city, finding a little oasis, or hiking in mountains in Tokyo ( or near Tokyo) for forest bathing to reconnect our old traditions made me feel calm and peace inside.
I remember once I went to my local temple with a friend for paying respect to the temple in hot summer day, a monk in the temple saw us and invited us in to the"Hondo"( main temple) and showed us around, I felt like I was at home. The old statues and paintings there were amazing. Felt like I was reconnecting to my roots. Still this day, when I go back to Japan, I always visit old temples and Shinto shrines.
I love the seasons in Japan. Cherry blossoms in spring, light pink petals are floating away with wind, in autumn, colours on trees are very intense.
When I moved to U.K, I enjoyed weaving and adapting  my culture and western culture both way of living, mentally, and spiritually. Food I cook, yoga I practice, and share are "East-Meets-West" Norie style. 

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat. 

Welcome to NORIEYOGA

I offer online yoga classes as well as in person classes. Styles of yoga I offer are; Mindful Hatha Flow, Slow Vinyasa  Flow, Yin Yoga,  Yin & Yang yoga, Restorative Yoga, yoga for cancer,  Y12SR,  Qi Flow yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. 

I am based in  Saxmundham, Suffolk. It is close to the coast and beautiful wonders of nature. We also offer day of yoga, Qi Gong, mindful walk and forest bathing in warm summer. Need to make the most of what we have around.

Nature heals us when we hurt, nature talks to us when we feel lonely, nature calms us when we feel chaos inside, to remind us to slow down. We learn a lot from just being in nature. I am so grateful for being in Suffolk.

Being present moment is core of my approach. My approach to yoga changed over the years, always evolving. Because I am a forever student of yoga, learning never stop. I am open to new learnings. I love blending my learning & my personal practice into teaching/ sharing.

My classes are open to all level of practitioners. My approach to yoga is simple; holistic approach, focusing on physical, mental, emotional well beings. Connecting breath, movement and body, kindness towards ourselves, be curious and explore what feels good in each given moment. 

UPDATE: "Jumpstart" by Suffolk Libraries
"Gentle Chair Yoga" is starting from 6/03 for 4 weeks in March. It's free session. 
Please book via Suffolk Libraries website. 
Venue: Leiston Live Well Hub, Waterloo centre, Leiston.
Time: 1:30 - 2:30pm.
Everyone welcome.  


Get In Touch

Any queries or booking, please contact me at: 07788921725 or complete the form below. 


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NORIEYOGA, Suffolk, U.K 
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