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Yoga Nidra; In Sanskrit, the word Nidra translates as 'sleep", and it is known as the "yoga of sleep". It promotes deep rest & relaxation. Deep rest is only one of many gifts we receive from practicing yoga Nidra. It consists with body scan, intention setting and breath awareness to calm our nervous system. In this workshop, we practice gentle movements and Restorative yoga, then nest into lying position (or supported Savasana/ any position of your choice) for yoga Nidra. Please bring a blanket, and your yoga mat. If you have a bolster, please bring it along. Create cozy nest for our practice.

Summer Solstice 

 Please join us Summer Solstice

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra


at Fromus Centre,

15 / 06/ Saturday 

10 am - 12pm 


Chat, cake & cuppa after

Refreshments provided

Get in touch for any questions

& booking

Last booking date: 9/06/'24

Spring Day Workshop 

Day of Yoga, QiGong & Mindfullness

18/05/2024 9:30 - 4:30pm


Framlingham Community Centre

£50 ( £25 deposit on booking please)


Please bring your picnic or purchase lunch locally,

there are lovely cafes and shops in Framlingham. 

Free parking

Refreshments included

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