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Yoga Nidra; In Sanskrit, the word nidra translates as 'sleep", and it is known as the "yoga of sleep". It promotes deep rest & relaxation. Deep rest is only one of many gifts we receive from practicing yoga nidra. It consists with body scan and breath awareness to calm our nervous system. In this workshop, we start practicing gentle yoga and connect  and ground ourselves with our mother earth, Sun Salutations with Sun energy, then nest into lying position (or sitting on chair if you prefer) for yoga nidra. Please bring cushions/pillows/bolster, blanket(s), yoga mat, if you have an eye pillow, please bring it along, I have only limited supply. Create cozy nest for our practice.

Summer Solstice Yoga Nidra

 Join us Summer Solstice yoga Nidra practice at Kelsale Village Hall, 18th / June/ Saturday 

10 am - 12pm 


Chat & cuppa after

Please bring your refreshments

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One day Micro-Retreat at Suffolk Coast coming soon.......