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My Yoga Journey.....

I begun practicing yoga when I came up to Suffolk from London in 2005 to attend substance misuse rehab. It was rocky start of my journey to life without use of drugs. I was soon introduced to yoga through a friend in one of 12step fellowships which changed my life. Yoga complimented well with 12step program, also connected me to like minded people who were very supportive, gave me more tools to deal with after mass of active addiction, to find peace
and being in present moment. 
I continued practicing yoga & soon found Qi Gong, I fell in love with both practice, which helped me to heal, and found myself for the first time ever in my life. I completed 200hr TT in 2015 with BSY, started teaching since 2016. Registered with YTT ( Yoga Teachers together)
I am certified as a space holder for Y12SR ( Yoga For 12 Step Recovery)
with Niki Myers

In 2019, I was diagnosed Clear Cell Ovarian cancer, my journey with cancer has begun. I truly believe yoga's been helping me not only to deal with side effects from treatments I've received also benefited me so much both mentally, physically and emotionally.  I completed 75 hr TT program to share yoga with fellow cancer patients and survivors
through Tari Prinster  Yoga4Cancer 

I am also certified in Yin Yoga, I completed TT with Norman Blair, Yoga Campus London. I love Yin yoga, always brings me back to present moment and be in stillness. 

Yoga for everyone and every-body!  I am also part of Yoga For All Body
Positive movement
with Dian Bondy & Amber Karnes

Chair yoga with Maria Jones with Yuva Yoga Scotland. Completed "Nervous system & Restorative yoga "  55hr TT with Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank, 100hr Yoga Nidra Practice & teaching with Jane Mackerness - Classical Yoga in Devon. I completed 200hr TT  with Corrie MacCllum in March 2023.

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