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Yoga for people affected by cancer

Private class, please get in touch for more info/booking

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Service Description

This is private one to one class. If you would like to try a class, please get in touch. Chair yoga, bed yoga, floor based yoga or mixture of standing & floor based yoga, we can have chat to find your preference. This class is for people living with cancer, this starts at time of diagnosis. "This definition ( cancer Survivorship) includes people who have no signs of cancer after finishing treatment, people receiving extended treatment over a longer period of time to control the cancer or reduce risk of its return, and people with advanced cancer. " ( ) Having going through this journey, been ups and downs. shock to hear diagnosis, maybe your oncologist could give you prognosis... Going through treatments are very challenging. Wether chemo, radio, immuno therapy... or even clinical trials... Time we spend in hospitals increase, those appointments start dominate life, our life plans on hold and plans are now around appointments. It's a full-time work... Mentally, emotionally and physically draining. Often people say " keep positive!" How can I stay positive if they know how I'm feeling? If you are reading this, you might feel like that too. Here, yoga comes in. Yoga helps moving our body, pumping up lymphatic system which is important for our immune system, calms nervous system, conscious breathing also brings us back to "here" in this moment. With help and support from your friends, loved ones, get all help and support you can get... However challenging this journey is, day at a time... That's all we can do. And the best we can do, if sleeping is the best you can do for today, let your mind and body to rest. That's "yoga" practice too. Communicating with our body. Cancer charity like American cancer society, Macmillan suggest 150mins average a week excise time which also include walking with your dog, hoovering, changing lines on bed... all helps. And remember, to rest.... If moving is challenging, sit or lie down somewhere quiet, and becoming aware of your breath... no need to change it... let the breath to be there with you. If you would like a Zoom session with me, Zoom app needs to be uploaded on your device. No charge to upload the app. Please get in touch, if you have any questions. I don't drive, so not able to go far.... But if you live surrounding area ( to Saxmundham), if I can travel by public transport, I will travel to you. If you prefer a yoga class in your home.

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On the corner of North Entrance and Fairfield Road 4 Fairfield place, saxmundham, UK

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